We Get Your Word Out

A WORDSMITH is someone who works with words.  

At SaySmith we’ll work with you to get YOUR WORD OUT.


Are you struggling with strengthening your brand, social media or communications strategy? Are company awareness, customer acquisition and retention an issue? Or is it that you need a brand refresh or a fresh new start altogether? We know. You’ve tried so many different ideas and keep testing different strategies but you haven’t reached your goals.

You need an expert, one who isn’t as close to the problem as you are, to come in, make sense of it all, and help you get your business on the road to success.

We’re Sarah Saso and Genny Smith and for more than twenty years, we have each been working in the fields of Business Development, Corporate Branding, Marketing Communications and Social Impact. We are connectors, relationship builders and strategic brand marketers.


We know how to focus on your business needs and growth and we know how to get YOU results.

Together we are SaySmith

Brand Coaching. 

A small and nimble, better business builder with a purpose. We coach start-ups, entrepreneurs, women-owned businesses,  nonprofits and small to medium enterprises.


We coach the businesses and the people who need a little or a lot of help getting


to build a successful business. 

SaySmith one-on-one brand coaching sessions will help you uncover your company's full potential by clearly defining your brand, targeting the right markets, establishing a strong brand voice, developing your creative direction, creating content and helping you pull together your full brand toolbox to GET YOUR WORD OUT. 

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